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Brucom has the knowledge, experience and technologies that are required for the manufacturing of high voltage power cables for solar installation,

wind and power generation

The battery power cables supplied are carefully selected to make certain that they can withstand the surroundings, voltage and current conditions at which they may placed, including the ability to operate with heat, from current and sun.


Offshore Renewable

Brucom battery cables are capable of harnessing the power of tides and waves and tidal test sites.


The in-house expertise can perform innovative solutions in offering the maximum protection and durability. Designing, engineering and supplying cables for onshore, submarine and specialist applications, 


Brucom Cables reduces the risks to engineer and build team, developing leading-edge solutions for the offshore energy sector.


Offshore oil and gas

Operations ranging from main power supply for high technology equipment or as emergency back-up for providing control equipment and manufacturing systems, need reliable and secure battery cables operating oil & gas.

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