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  • Can you export products worldwide?
    Yes we can! Our online store however is not currently setup to ship worldwide but you can contact us to complete your order.
  • What is Overmoulding?
    Overmoulding is a process Brucom uses to encapsulate and environmentally protect electronic componants like wiring and circuit boards. Overmould protects against moisture, dust, dirt and vibration. It is also used for sealing connectors and strain reliefs. A Polyamide material is heated until it becomes a liquid, it is then injected into a mould-set cavity and around the electronics at low pressure and takes shape of the mould. Once the Polyamide cools it then hardens and keeps its shape. The Polyamide material is not too hot for the electronic componants and does not melt solder. This is becasue the relatively cold mould-set will absorb most of the heat. Click here to see more of what we can offer with our Overmoulding
  • What size battery cable do I need?
    The battery cable size is determind by the amperage or the wattage of the items that you are running from the Battery. If you know the amperage of the component you are wiring, then choose the next size cable up allowing a fair amperage capacity margin. For example: If your component uses 100amps of continuous current, choose 20mm2(rated at 135Amps) If you know the wattage of the component to be wired, and you need to know what the amperage is, divide the wattage by 12volts and allow a fair amperage capacity margin. For example: If the wattage of the component is 2800watts divided by 12volts =233amps. In this case choose 40mm2 (rated at 300amps). (Use the table below to find the correct sized battery cable)
  • How to custom build a battery cable?
    Brucom Wiring Harness has a dedicated devision for building high quality battery cables. To do this simply follow the steps below. Click here to go to our Custom Build Your Battery Cables page. Select your required battery cable size. Use the drop down menu to start customising your battery cable(s). Add to your cart to complete order.
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