Our design team is available to help with material selection, CAD / CAM designs, and we can also provide 3D visuals and prototypes to bring your projects to life. All of our quality tooling in produced in-house to reduce lead-times.

The advantages of vacuum forming are the flexibility and effectiveness.

Prototypes, casings, packaging and other products can be made quickly,

accurately and at cost-effective prices. This services is a perfect solution for

customers that require too many units to produce by hand and too few

units to produce via injection moulding.

Vacuum forming service, from design to manufacture we will turn a sheet

of plastic into almost any parts you require.


1) The heater first warms up the thermoplastic so that it is flexible.

2) The Plate pushes the mold up and into the thermoplastic.

3) The vacuum draws all of the air out sucking the thermoplastic around the mood.

4) Thermoplastic cools down to hold its new formed shape.

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