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Brucom's team of 'Cost Saving Specialists' are highly experienced in procuring

high-quality components directly from our extensive database of approved suppliers.

Over the last 13 years, we have built excellent relationships with a large number of 1st class approved suppliers and manufacturers, in many cases avoiding the middle-man distributor and cutting costs which we pass onto our clients.


Procuring electronic components is not solely about gaining the lowest price. Our approved distributors are regularly monitored and graded according to quality, pricing, availability, efficiency and reliability. This helps us to continuously select the best suppliers for the job and help them improve their service to us and our clients.


When a job requires parts which are obsolete or hard to find, we take the stress and time involved sourcing from numerous vendors out of your hands by searching the globe for you. In most cases, we source directly from the supplier holding the stock so we get the best possible prices and a much quicker delivery of the goods.


We understand the importance of providing high quality, cost efficient components, finished products and services in the shortest time possible. Our successful track record and happy client base proves that we deliver time and again.


Brucom's ‘Cost Saving Specialists' play a vital part in ensuring we continuously deliver for our clients and their customers. If you would like to use our Cost Saving Procurement Services get in touch with us today.

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