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Brucom is a leading supplier of Automotive Battery Cable.

We also offer a huge range of components at great prices!

We specialise in battery and power cables within transportation, including material handling equipment and industrial battery cable, ensuring all specifications are met. We cater for bespoke manufacturing to large scale projects, working together to ensure the best quality within design to production.

Why choose us to manufacture your cables and jump leads?

Battery cables provide the vital link between the power supply, load and charging system. Faulty connections can lead to poor system performance, affect battery life,

or damage battery components. That is why we use high end products, experienced manufacturers to provide a lasting solution.

Our Battery Cables and Starter Cable are made for vehicles such as;


  • Cars

  • Leisure

  • Bikes

  • Mobility Scooters

  • Lawnmowers

  • Quad Bikes

Since 2003, we have lead the industry with intelligence and eagerness to achieve more than our customer expectations and will proceed to expand, moving with future technology and design. 

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