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Flexible polyethylene heat-shrink sleeving with an adhesive lining and 3:1 shrink ratio. In addition to the electrical insulation and abrasion resistance provided by general purpose heat-shrink sleeving, the adhesive lining prevents moisture ingress by melting and forming a seal around the cable when heated. Applications include sealing over crimped terminals or connectors to prevent corrosion when used in harsh environments (e.g. under-bonnet, marine etc.).

In the size option drop-down box, the first ID is the un-shrunk diameter and the second ID the fully shrunk diameter.

Available in various sizes from 4 - 19mm ID (un-shrunk size).



  • Sizes are internal diameter, not width when laid flat.
  • Prices are per metre. Increase quantity for a continuous reel delivered.

3:1 Adhesive Heatshrink

  • 3:1 Adhesive Heatshrink Specification Sheet


    • Material: Polyethylene with adhesive lining
    • Colour: Black
    • Continuous operating temperature: -55ºC to +85ºC
    • Shrink temperature range: +95ºC to +200ºC
    • Fire resistance: Self extinguishing
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