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Performance Plus Battery Cable range uses overmold for superior protection

Brucom design and manufacture new battery cable overmold range to provide maximum performance and durability.

Brucom specialise in providing high-quality battery cables that are suitable for a wide range of transmission and power applications. To do this, we continuously challenge, test and design to suit our customers’ needs. Working alongside our customers, Brucom have designed and manufactured ‘The Performance Plus’ battery cable range of which has been proven very popular. This range has all the benefits of the performance range with overmolded connectors for added protection.

Overmolded battery cables are designed to create an organised display and connect seamlessly to a battery, making installation and maintenance much easier. This series of cable assemblies provide a safer connection and fit that minimise corrosion due to less exposed connections. The result has three key attributes:

Water Ingress Protection

Our engineers have full control of materials, configurations and timings when using our overmold machinery. We can create the mold surrounding battery cables and connections to eliminate corrosion through holes and cracks between parts.

Shock and Vibration Protection The process locks internal components removing all air holes and gaps, creating a tight fit, reducing movement that can cause defects over time. The positive locking mechanism built into the overmold allows conduit to be fixed in place for added mechanical protection, decreasing shock and environmental defects from occurring due to harsh conditions.

Strain Relief Protection Our overmold solution creates a strain relief protection from human forces that can cause the terminal and cables to disconnect or underperform, using pull and bending actions for example, which are often used when connecting to a vehicle.

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