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Brucom announce new Overmold range available now!

Brand new Overmold range available now due to past success in Tyco Superseal range.

Over molding has changed considerably over the years, from the process itself to the materials used. Brucom utilises the injection molding process for many different applications such as:

· Connectors

· PCB’s

· Grommets

· Switch panels

· Junction boxes

· Gaskets

· Sensor encapsulation (door sensors)

The benefits of using an over molded product are vast, these include:

· Environmental protection up to IP68*(see IP ratings explained below), providing a completely submergible product.

· Ergonomic design allows for almost any shape and design to fit any application.

· Shock absorption and high vibration resistance.

· Aesthetically pleasing with good branding potential (logo’s, company name)

· Low cost to manufacture

· Fast cost effective tooling manufacture

· Excellent strain relief properties, flexible and strong.

The Technomelt material used in our process is a high performance thermoplastic polyamide designed specifically for low pressure molding processes, this protects the substrate and components from damage, the general specification is shown below:

· Automotive standards operating temperature -40 to +105oC

· Resistant to diesels and oils.

· UL 94 V0 flammability rating

· 77 shore hardness

· 400% elongation to break

· 15 Kv/mm Dielectric strength

· Electrical Resistance to IPC-TM-650 accredited

Our in house tooling facilities can design manufacture and present solutions in as little as 2-3 days, with production tooling lead times ranging from 2 – 12 weeks depending upon complexity. Brucom over molds in excess of 250,000 molds per year and is steadily increasing year on year. Building on our success of the Tyco Superseal range of over molded cable assemblies, we will be launching 4 new ranges of over molded connector systems, Deutsch DT Range, Mizu P25 Range, Din 72585 and the HDSCS. All of which will be available in 2018. These will include a range of accessories such as T-Pieces, Y-Pieces, Manifolds and Junctions along with the cable assemblies. (Register your interest here) This impressive assembly range will allow our customers to create a wide range of electrical circuits quickly and efficiently. This advanced plug and play system for low to high current applications (see image 1), using segmentation for design freedom and reworking, is simple, easily adjusted and clean, of which can be used across a wide range of wiring assemblies specially created for vehicle body builders, 3rd party equipment installers and OEM’s.


· EP Dust proof, not protected from moisture or water

· IP65 Dust proof, protected from splashes and low-pressure jets

· IP66 Dust proof, protected from strong water jets

· IP67 Dust proof, protected from temporary immersion in water 1 meter deep for 30 minutes

· IP68 Dust proof, protected from continuous immersion in water under more severe conditions than IP67

· IP69K Dust proof, protected from water during high pressure/steam cleaning (not submersible)

For more information about overmold, click here.

For more information call 01889272645 or email where a member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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