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NEW PRODUCT: Bevan power distribution unit


Brucom develops and manufactures various power distribution units or PDUs for various industries. This part has been designed enabling 3rd party installers of equipment such as, but not limited to: cameras, weighing scales, reverse sensors, telematics,PDAs, cranes and right hand turn warning systems, to distribute power efficiently and safely.

As all bodybuilders know if a third party installer requires an ignition, battery or earth connections they will find the easiest connection they can find even if this means cutting into existing wiring, if there is an issue this then becomes the issue of the body builder.

Our system creates a designated independently fused standard connection point that stops confusion and quality issues from becoming a problem, which can cost thousands of pounds if the vehicle is then grounded. The system also has 2 relays which can be easily wired and configured as an added benefit.

As a component manufacturer Brucom can design any type of system to fit any application, want to know more ? Contact our sales office at UK Automotive Products now on 01543 270270.

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