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Komax Kappa 240- The latest addition to our machinery!

Bringing performance, precision, user-friendliness to our workplace with the use of the Komax Kappa 240. These key features of the automatic cut and strip machine offer flexible, simple and quick conversions. The Komax 240 machine is one of the latest pieces of machinery to be added to our facilities. This machine is part of the latest generation of automatic cutting and stripping machines. Due to its processing power range, with the ability to cut and strip through even the most toughest and largest cable sizes, it will bring accuracy and speed to our battery cable manufacturing.
​This machine is used throughout the industry, enabling fast and convenient processing of cable. Cutting and stripping cables requires high end machines to process and the demand for such precision and high quality finishes has led to the purchase of the Komax Kappa 240. We can now manage our time more efficiently as this product simplifies set up by using its flexible touch controls and cable exchange can be done without using other tooling. There is also no need for lengthy data programming, maintenance procedures or learning workshops, as this machine simplifies data and accessibility considerably. There will now be less time working on the machine and more time working with the machine, creating a faster turnaround for our customers.
Technology The kappa family has perfected this machine by using an ultra modern microprocessor to cut and strip cable. A CNC pressure roller and cutting head allows a unique set-up, saving on wire-related processing parameters.
Efficiency 150 jobs can be saved to the machines memory, helping our manufacturers set up recurring jobs in seconds. Wires can be programmed within the memory function, along with quick change guide parts. Functions can be controlled on a PC or laptop when using the KappaWin software.

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