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Work Experience Benefit Young Enthusiast

Brucom Distribution Ltd are proud and privileged to have had Wojciech Jasiurkowski working alongside the team last week. After meeting Wojciech through his parents, we soon realised he could be a potential asset, and his curiosity with the production and engineering environment was something we were happy to assist with.

As an enthusiastic 15 year old, with an ambition to become an aerospace engineer, he quickly became involved with our engineering team, rapidly learning the company processes. By being able to work through each individual process, as well as being an active part of both Production and Management meetings, the high standards that were required within Brucom were shown to be justified. This also meant that Wojciech was able to appreciate the knock-on effect of any improvements or errors that would occur at any stage. These high standards did nothing but motivate Wojciech further, with his passion for engineering showing through most of all. Within just a couple of days training, he was producing production-grade drawings, as well as designing and creating his own custom-made PCB using CAD software, as well as our automated CnC. He has certainly left a great impression on many people at Brucom, within the engineering team especially as that's where he seemed to flourish the most. There's no doubt Wojciech will achieve his goals with his passion and skills. The team at Brucom Distribution Ltd look forward to meeting with Wojciech in the near future.

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