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Military division move to Stoke-On-Trent

Military division expands to Stoke-On-Trent

The new location for Brucom's Military Division will increase business potential.

Brucom Wiring harness has established a new location in Longton S-O-T for its special products division, this facility will service the military, medical and rail markets for both the UK and worldwide. Utilising the area's well developed skill base associated with manufacture of specialist wiring harnesses, Brucom is proud to announce the first of many satellite branches which will enhance our ability to offer a broad spectrum of wiring systems to our clients. This bespoke 2500ft2 facility boasts the very best in test systems brought to you by MK-Test, a highly trained and skilled workforce and modern facilities bespokely created for specialist harness manufacture. Focusing on specialist wiring systems this facility already manufacturers in excess of £1.2 million pounds worth of military wiring products for the British armed forces every year, for such vehicles as CVRT, Warrior, Trojan, Challenger II, Mastiff, Foxhound, Wolfhound, Ridgeback and Panther. We have also been successfully awarded contract IRM16/1316 with DSG Land Systems which will ensure this site continues to go from strength to strength, under the guidance from Division Manager Martin Kirby and his team. With over 20 new specialist technical positions created over the last 8 months, Brucom continues to grow from strength to strength, and has recently announced the creation of its newest division 'Brucom Air Products', which will be offering the distribution of over 30,000 air, pneumatic and hydraulic products along with the ability to manufacture specialist control boxes and panels and associated assemblies. Brucom's head office is still located in Hixon, Stafford, manufacturing a vast array of commercial, industrial and automotive vehicle wiring systems and we are currently expanding our main production facilities which will boast a modern 12,000 ft2 facility.


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