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365 days without any lost time!

Today marks one year without a lost-time injury at Brucom Distribution Ltd facility in Hixon, Stafford. A lost-time injury is defined as an occurrence that resulted in a fatality, permanent disability or time lost from work of one day/shift or more.

"It's an achievement, both in safety practice here at work, working together to be a highly productive team, is something we want to honour today" said Gareth Bruce, manager of Brucom Distribution Ltd.

"In a workplace that is committed to being as efficient, productive and safe as possible, this is a credit to be noted," Gareth said. "It shows that together, we can work at a fast rate and still focus on being safe and aware of our surroundings and actions. You can all count on one another to act appropriately resulting in no loss of time and expertise."

The workplace includes over 60 employees, over three units, all aiming for a safer work environment. Brucoms quality and control managers, health and safety and team leaders all have been immaculate on their roles over the past year, resulting in such achievement. All being responsible for a section within the buildings.

Brucom manufactures for the automotive, defence, power generation, manufacturing industries and others. Providing tailored electrical & mechanical assemblies, that include cable assemblies, wiring looms, vehicle wiring harnesses and control panels.

Established in 2003 thriving to be a world class provider of wiring and cable assembly systems, utilising a sustained investment in machinery, technology, training and engineering. Since then, the team has worked exceptionally hard to achieve certifications on quality and health and safety. Everyone at Brucom believe benchmarks, such as this, are exactly what employees and management to help make a place of work rewarding.

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